UT Group Co., Ltd.

What it means to work at UT Group

UT Group’s basic philosophy is "The power to work creates vigorous workplaces."
"Stable employment" and "generous benefit programs" help create lots of lively, fulfilling moments.

What it means to work at UT Group

Creates vigorous workplaces empowering workers.

You help each other, learn together, and work with your colleagues in a team. The team brings out the power to work, creating “vigorous” workplaces. Working in a “vigorous,” lively manner helps develop you as employees and grow our UT Group. When our ideal is realized, the dispatch and outsourcing service industry should change as well. We are confident that work at UT Group will make you and the Group grow and ultimately change the real world.

01   Work environment We provide a stable and
secure work environment.

UT Group’s workplaces (the number of client plants) are expanding nationwide in Japan.
Growth in workplaces (the number of client plants) means expansion of opportunities for “regular (termless) employment.”

  • We increase workplaces (the number of client plants).

    UT Group’s workplaces (the number of client plants) are expanding nationwide in Japan. Under the new medium-term business plan, the number of plant has increased from 100 in fiscal 2010 to 300 by fiscal 2015.

  • We employ you as regular employees.

    “All employees work free from anxiety.” Regular (termless) employment is what we promise from the outset.

  • We deeply value teamwork.

    We deeply value to work as a team. We have adhered to the workstyle to accomplish the outsourced work not by individuals but as a team.

  • We fairly evaluate skill levels with
    our Job Grade.

    UT Group’s Job Grade system indicates skill standards needed for each task level. Each employee is fairly evaluated and the result is reflected in promotion and other matters. This personnel system helps motivate our employees.

02   Advancement in career and skills We have strong programs to
assist our employees to grow.

On-the-job training (OJT) in workplace as well as off-the-job training that uses study materials and courses. Our various initiatives expand career-advancement opportunities of our employees.
They can also learn management skills, which are indispensable to working in a team.

  • One UT

    The One UT Project is to support career advancement of all UT Group employees. Even if your current assignment is in a different field, you can change your job or transfer to another Group company by taking such training courses.

  • Super Manager School

    The Super Manager School is to develop talents to lead UT Group in which lectures are given by UT Group’s President Wakayama and other directors and executive officers.

  • Entry System

    The Entry System allows our employees to put themselves up as candidates for important positions and posts within the Group. One of the candidates is selected after the review. We respect willingness of each employee and encourage him/her to think voluntarily about how to contribute to the company or the Group. We want to foster executives in this way.

  • Web-based training

    You can acquire skills at home, if you are in the Internet environment. Our training courses include various subjects ranging from safety and manners for new employees to advanced expert knowledge. You can take courses, depending on your level. This allows new employees with no experience to feel at ease to learn and work.

03   Employee assistance and benefit programs Excellent self-empowerment programs
and benefit programs

From career-advancement programs to life-support programs. We have various programs that help you work vigorously.

  • Employee Shareholding Association

    We envision that if our employees become the largest shareholder, they will be able to share the same direction and interests with the Company, and the Company will be overwhelmingly enhanced. This chain of thought led us to introduce the Employee Shareholding Association. We are pleased to say that at present, many of our employees have become shareholders of UT Group.

  • Employee Award System

    We have introduced the “UT Grand Prix” to award employees with outstanding performance and the “Length-of-service awards” in which the period incorporates even the number of years worked at our competitors. These programs aim to motivate our employees, who then create vigorous workplaces.