UT Group Co., Ltd.

What it means to work at UT Group

You change and the Group changes. This ultimately changes the real world.

What it means to work at UT Group

You change and the Group changes. This ultimately changes the real world.

You help each other, learn together, and work with your colleagues in a team. The team brings out the power to work, creating vigorous workplaces. Working in a vigorous, lively manner helps develop you as employees and grow our UT Group. When our ideal is realized, the dispatch and outsourcing service industry should change as well. We are confident that “work at UT Group Ewill make you and the Group grow and ultimately change the real world.

“The power to work creates vigorous workplaces.

“From the “No. 1 semiconductor
outsourcing service provider
Eto “Japan’s No. 1 outsourcing
provider Ein quality and volume. 

UT Group has overthrown conventional practices and produced various achievements as “No. 1 Eand “first in the industry. EWe are now embarking on new challenges. Our ideal is to manage the Group by developing and fairly appreciating all employees and securing their jobs. So as to achieve this ideal, we are determined to realize our goal to become “Japan’s No. 1 outsourcing provider Ein quality and volume Efrom the “No. 1 semiconductor outsourcing service provider.

* No. 1 in the manufacturing outsourcing industry in terms of a number of manufacturing outsourced and dispatched employees in the semiconductor-related industries (internal estimates based on various companies Edisclosed materials)

We will become a force to change
the manufacturing outsourcing

In order to expand quality workplaces, we are expanding into non-semiconductor areas, such as the new energy area including solar batteries and secondary batteries, as well as displays and LEDs. We keep taking up challenges for our ideal, hoping our people can spend every day in a lively manner and look to the future.

We provide a stable and secure work environment.

We are expanding your workplaces
(the number of client plants). 

UT Group’s workplaces (the number of client plants) are expanding nationwide in Japan. Under the new medium-term business plan, the number of plant is projected to increase from 100 in fiscal 2010 to 300 by fiscal 2015.

We employ you as regular

Growth in workplaces (the number of client plants) means expansion of opportunities for “regular employment. EThe UT Group has also been promoting employment support initiatives for people who lost their jobs due to the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011, under the slogan of “Make a step forward, Japan! Encourage everyone with the power to work.

We provide various career-up opportunities.

We fairly evaluate skill levels with
our Job Grade. 

The UT Group’s Job Grade system indicates skill standards needed for each task level. Each employee is fairly evaluated and the result is reflected in promotion and other matters. This personnel system helps motivate our employees.

We provide career-up opportunities
inside and outside companies.

We provide growth opportunities for employees inside and outside companies so as to allow them to make the best use of their skills and further develop them. We are proactive in offering career-up chances to our people. The Group’s accomplishment is shared by everyone.

The Group’s accomplishment is shared by everyone.

First public listing in the industry
and first in the industry to
introduce an employee shareholding

One of the objectives of our public listing was to share our accomplishments with our employees. The aggregated development of employees leads to the Group’s development. When corporate value rises as a result, this achievement is shared by everyone.
We believe that we can be a formidable and competent entity if our employees and the Group share our vision and goals, with employees becoming the largest shareholder. That is why an employee shareholding association has been introduced. By now, many employees are our shareholders.

ESOP has also been introduced

Furthermore, we were the first to introduce an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), which began in the US and is drawing attention in Japan. Points are given to employees based on their period of work and performance. When they retire, they are given UT Group Eshares equivalent to the number of their accumulated points.

We value teamwork.

We adhere to taking outsourced
work as a team.

We value working as a team. The UT Group adheres to taking outsourced work assignments as a team, rather than allocating them to our individual employees.

Team members cooperate and grow

Our team is comprised of a person responsible for an outsourced workplace, a person in charge of a process or a line, leaders of each unit, operators, maintenance engineers, and others. Veteran and young workers in the team work together, sharing the objective and helping and learning with each other. It is the framework and creates an environment for team members to grow.

Unexperienced workers acquire
skills and knowledge.

UT Group gives maximum support to employees for the sake of their growth. As an example, we have web-based training. You can acquire skills at home, if you are in the computer network environment. Our training courses include various subjects ranging from safety and manners for new employees to advanced expert knowledge. You can take courses, depending on your level. This allows new employees with no experience to feel at ease to learn and work.

We have various programs to
support the growth of employees.

We have other development programs for employees. By combining off-the-job training such as textbooks and training courses and on-the-job training, various skills and knowledge can be learned. Moreover, management skills, which are indispensable for organizational tasks, can also be learned.
We also have a system to fairly reward employees for doing work, such as the “Factory Center Grand Prix E(a competition based on workplace achievements through Kaizen, namely, improvement) and the award system.